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For decades, entertainment industry professionals have been suffocating due to wasted time, lack of security, a shortage of quality networks, and the lack of secure reliable funding sources. An estimated 53% of entertainment industry professionals do not have consistent workflow. According to The Atlantic, only .3% of scripts registered with the WGA are actually produced annually. Additionally, there are large barriers between countries making it difficult to develop entertainment projects internationally.

This is where Entertainment Oxygen provides a fresh breath of air.

EO’s inclusivity brings industry professionals together, cutting out the middleman and providing talented individuals with better opportunities to connect, showcase their talents and further their careers.

Entertainment Oxygen is easily accessible through a first-class mobile app & desktop platform that is security protected, simple to use, and multilingual. EO helps users save time, money and energy by tailoring the connections to their specific needs. EO provides live events, education, and mentorship to help accelerate our members’ projects.

We have captured the best elements of the most successful companies bridging professional network platforms and the entertainment industry communities to deliver Entertainment Oxygen.

Join Entertainment Oxygen for free and let projects find you today!

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