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Who Will Succeed the Most With eoApp?

eoApp versatility is one of its strongest attributes as it reaches all facets of the entertainment industry. By connecting below-the-line and above-the-line talent, EO attracts a wide variety of users with different needs and expectations. Yet there are a few similarities that all EO users will possess.

You are passionate about your craft. Whether you are behind the camera, in the dressing room or the one who came up with the whole thing, you live and breathe the entertainment industry and will stop at nothing to reach your goals.
You are fearless. This industry is stressful and scary and you can often find yourself worrying about what other people are doing rather than focusing on your self-improvement and development. Be proud of your work, your passions and where you want to be in the future. By joining Entertainment Oxygen, you will have the ability to introduce yourself to that director who you were nervous to talk to, or have real music industry professionals listen to your demos and provide feedback. We have created a digital platform that makes connecting with your fellow professional more comfortable as it is a space where all creatives can collaborate and build each other up on their way to success.

You have also probably been told no before, or you just weren’t right for this role or vision. Turn those negative experiences into positives, creating a sense of motivation and determination to succeed in whatever role you play. Simply put, it is just more wood to the fire that is your creative drive and ability. A successful Entertainment Oxygen user comes in all shapes and sizes, backgrounds and areas of expertise. Yet it is our shared passion, strength and determination that creates a connective network of talented individuals looking to further their careers as they improve and expand the entertainment industry. Let projects find you today!

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