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The Secret to Effective Networking in the Entertainment Industry

By Vella Qiu | 03/11/2020

The entertainment industry is fragmented, requiring comprehensive networking to build relationships while creating consistent job opportunities specifically in the film industry has always been a major challenge.While an actor’s core focus is on their acting skills, they must also be able to network with various producers, directors, casting agencies and others effectively. With the eoApp, networking in the film industry has become simple and efficient.

This innovative mobile application uses technology and offers the one platform for all entertainment professionals who are looking to elevate their careers and expand networks in the palm of your hand.

Here are three simple steps to reveal the secret to effective networking in the film industry.

  • Step 1:

    Showcase Your Portfolio. (Profile)

    CREATE your profile to stand out from the crowd.

  • Step 2:

    Connect” to others Expand your Networks.

    BUILD your Relationships

  • Step 3:

    Post/Find jobs

    Extend your professional network. Get paid for your talent.

  • Step 4:

    Upload your Credit

    Show your credibility and build your reputation in the entertainment industry

Reactivate Your Contacts on eoApp

Proactively attending film industry networking events to get to connect with people in person and build relationships first has become the primary method to engage with others in the entertainment industry. However, even though you connect at these events, get their contact information, and may even RSVP to a first email, nothing happens. In the end, names and numbers clog your directory, and it is increasingly difficult even to figure out who these people are and what they are doing.

One solution is to turn to the eoApp to reactivate your contacts! Getting the phone number is a crucial step. Invite people from your phone contacts to join the eoApp. This expands your private network and starts building relationships to create more opportunities. If your contacts are already on the eoApp, just click invite from the eoChat to send the request attaching a brief self-introduction. Let people get to know who you are on eoApp instead of being identified as a zombie number.

Radar Your Opportunity Through eoDay

Maybe you need a gaffer by tomorrow for your feature film.

Posting a job request, sharing thoughts, even bragging about red carpet events on eoDay can help you hit the hidden opportunities. Turn a request into a response.

eoDay works like a rundown of the sharing moments from your friends on eoApp, in chronological order. Comments and likes can be used to interact with posters and build a more intimate community for the entertainment industry.

Take the Initiative

Instead of passively waiting for a job offer or sending your resume to many websites, eoApp provides you with direct approaches to actively seek cooperation, recruit talent, and make yourself visible in the industry. Type in a person’s name with whom you want to collaborate and send the friend request on eoChat. He/She will get the request notification through eoApp and check you out via your personal profile. Chat will begin by mutual consent, and your promising project might get started RN!

You can also send a “Request Quote” directly to the ideal person with whom you want to work with. eoApp gives you a flexible variety of setting options. Diversified payment criteria (project, weekly, daily, hourly), adjustable project duration, and payment budget range options are available for quotation setting on eoApp.

Another powerful feature of the eoApp is to broadcast (Post Job) your project. You can receive different quotes according to your project’s needs and recruit the right people to work together locally. It is an efficient way to finalize the project preparation especially to save money and time.

Networking in the film industry is proactively reaching out to people, showcasing your talents, and finding the commonplace to build relationships. Make full advantage of your film industry network and convert it into a real business through a simple comment or daily chitchat (eoChat) You will never know where the invisible fast track is unless you start to interact with peers and engage yourself with the right people in the industry. Attending events that filmmakers, writers, and various casting directors attend, engage with industry professionals online, become genuinely interested in people around you, and add value to people’s lives. Join in the eoFamily to unleash more potential opportunities, in yourself and to be successful in the entertainment industry.

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