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Being one of the most resourceful social platforms dedicated for the film and tv industry, members at Entertainment Oxygen get access to thousands of talented individuals who can help execute projects and minimize delays. Here are a few members and their experience with EO.



It is always not easy to start a career in entertainment industry when there is very little connection. When I first knew about this app, I wanted to give it a try until I realized that it is such an amazing community where I can get connected with a lot of entertainment industry professionals and also a great place to showcase my talent for others to be seen. Highly recommended if you are an actor or a writer, a perfect jump start for entertainment path!



I am a local producer and I do shows all the time, a friend of mine recommended this app to me, it is an eye opening what they do on this app, I wish people can post their works and IMDB that I can feel comfortable to hear them. I am going to use it for my next show! :)


Jason Dorch

I have a script that I want to produce and need some help in polishing the final script. I can use EO to post the script for Auction and have people bid on the job. I’ve found writers and connected with them through the Direct Messaging Feature. Looking forward to some great deals.


Ron Noble

Ron Noble is a talented animator and storyteller who started his cartooning career-making comic strips. Ron broke onto the scene, winning an Emmy for his directing work on Rugrats, and has since directed many animated Nickelodeon TV shows.

Ron has animated countless picture books, but his “Letter Beasties” is the first book he is both the author and illustrator. Since joining the EO community, Ron was able to establish connections with an investor who wants to invest and develop “Letter Beasties” into a animation TV show distributed worldwide. We are so excited to have Ron Noble in the EO community!

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Joe Sabatino

A true triple threat, Joe Sabatino’s acting, writing and producing career is one you can only dream of achieving. With over 200 film and tv credits over three decades, Sabatino continues expanding his resume and taking on new challenges.

As one of EO’s original members, Sabatino provides mentorship to aspiring actors and writers and through connections within the app, has worked a deal with the esteemed Dick Clark Productions for his next reality show. Connect with Joe on the EO Network to learn a thing or two from a pro.

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Integrated systems make usability easy and efficient

From quoting and bidding on a project, to scheduling, to ratings of talent, to billing and payments, the EO app provides an integrated system all in one simple app. Keep track of all jobs and payments as well as calendaring your next project. Simple. Fast. Efficient.