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Intuitive and user friendly, the app is a resource network for entertainment professionals worldwide to showcase creative talents, socially connect, and collaborate using EO chat and more. Join our community, build relationships, get a mentor, and find projects that can help your career.

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More than 100 categories include both above the line and below the line entertainment professionals so you can explore profiles and find the right people for your projects.

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Find talent through a direct message or broadcast your project to cast a wide net. ScriptAuction™ enables a writer to find a buyer for their script and maybe find a producer or director for our next blockbuster.

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From quoting and bidding on a project, to scheduling, to ratings of talent, to billing and payments, the EO app provides an integrated system all in one simple app. Keep track of all jobs and payments as well as calendaring your next project. Simple. Fast. Efficient.

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EO partners with several industry groups and companies that are shown on our website. Please take advantage of the services and products offered by our partners. FAQ’s are provided to answer specific questions we have heard and that have been raised. If you need any other information please reach out to us directly via the Contact form.

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The EO network is the go-to place for entertainment professionals to connect, communicate and collaborate

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Apple TungFong has put her blood

Every year, I would go to various entertainment events and saw the way that people would network and it seemed very congested and inefficient.” .

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