8 Reasons to Join the EO Network

Everyone wants to be a star or the best in your field. By his or her nature, everyone is competitive. EO gives you the opportunity to shine and also compare yourself to your peers. Then if you want improvement you can get mentorship or training to...

Our Call to Action

For decades, entertainment industry professionals have been suffocating due to wasted time, lack of security, a shortage of quality networks, and the lack of secure reliable funding sources. An estimated 53% of entertainment industry professionals...

Apple TungFong has put her blood

“Every year, I would go to various entertainment events and saw the way that people would network and it seemed very congested and inefficient.” TungFong knew she wanted to create a form of interaction that appealed to the digital age,...

The Secret to Effective Networking in the Entertainment Industry

The entertainment industry is fragmented, requiring comprehensive networking to build relationships while creating consistent job opportunities specifically in the film industry has always been a major challenge.

Entertainment: The Ultimate Guide to Effective Networking

It’s no secret that networking is the key to gain success in the entertainment industry. We’ve all heard the saying, ‘It’s not what you know, but who you know..

Welcome to Entertainment Oxygen!

Entertainment Oxygen was inspired and built by a diverse group of entertainment professionals who have dealt with the common challenges of the..

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